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Universal Time Coordinate
Lustmord Sol Om on (The Place Where the Black Stars Hang) 03:44
02:12:47 Between Interval Garden of the Divine 1 (Secret Observatory) 05:23
02:01:12 Thom Brennan Pond Life (Mist) 11:36
01:53:41 Aphex Twin Rhubarb (Selected ambient works volume II (CD1)) 07:30
01:48:33 Andrew Thomas Above the World So High (Between Buildings and Trees) 05:09
01:42:18 Steve Roach Moon and star (Midnight moon) 06:15
01:40:12 Ulf Lohmann Lai King Est (Pop Ambient 200x) 02:06
01:37:30 Ludovico Einaudi In Principio (Nightbook) 02:43
01:31:47 Biosphere Sphere of no-form (Substrata) 05:43
01:26:49 Michael Stearns The Gathering (The Storm) 04:58
01:24:53 The Notwist Jan (Sturm OST) 01:56

23:15 10-2-2013